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L’atelier sera fermé du 13 juillet au 7 août 2022.
The workshop will be closed from the july 13th to August 7th.

All Roadrunner Guitars’ products and parts are hand-made and thoroughly tested in house and Laurent insists upon only using highest quality parts and components for his creations. He would be letting himself down if he didn’t…

Laurent Hassoun became Mr Roadrunner Guitars in 1994 when he created his company in Nancy, France.

Laurent develops and makes custom guitars (solid body, archtop, lapsteel, ukeleles…), basses, resophonics, effects, amps, mikes and custom parts because he has a sound buzzing in his head which he wants to bring it out and share it around.

A true old-school artisan, a visit to Laurent’s workshop is like a step into a recent past or parallel universe where craftsmanship, creativity and passion for his noble calling mean you may find him enthusing about a new idea for sculpture, metal forging, pearl inlays, cool fuzz pedals made out of triangular ham tins – just about anything in fact that he can find and use to get that sound he can almost see in his head out into the “real” world. And make it look cool to boot.

History compels us to relate that in 1994 Laurent’s other identity as a touring musician lead him to develop his first Fuzz, the Supersonic.

R .Dickinson « Nancy Grand Central 2008 » (read the full article in our blog)


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handmade in Nancy France