Roadrunner CAR 555 Pickup Middle


Roadrunner CAR 555 Pickup Middle (ring fourni)

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Roadrunner CAR 555 Pickup Middle

Our CAR are inspired by the legendary pickups. We have modified the aesthetic aspect while respecting the characteristics that have made the reputation of these pickups.

Aluminium cover and ring, lower output than a standard single coil (tele , strat or p90), with an impedance 4,1 kOhms.

These pickups are perfect to play rockabilly, blues and jazz.

Wide range sound, clear tone, huge bass.

We recommended using a 500 k to 1M Ohms pot.

Made to order can take up to 4-5 weeks.

Under paragraph 19 of the Small Business Act, we do not collect or display VAT (En vertu du paragraphe 19 de la loi sur les petites entreprises, nous ne prélevons pas et n’affichons pas la TVA).


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