Roadrunner Amps The Automatic 18 Head Only


Roadrunner Amps The Automatic 18 Head Only

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Roadrunner Amps The Automatic 18 Head Only

The “Automatic ” is a special order from KING AUTOMATIC, who need a compact amp with two distinctive channels to amplified these ROADRUNNER Guitars and the rest of his one man band (sampler and keyboards used on stage and during the sessions recording by this incredible artist)…

King automatic needs to have a raw sound very dynamic, from clear to crunch with a possibility to control the equalization…

Used by this guy since 2013 on the 5 continents stages we are proud to annonce “yes we reached the goal and our amplifier are strong and efficient…a real crash test!!”


Roadrunner Amps The Automatic 18 Head

  • red jewel indicator
  • compact power switch on/standby/off
  • control channel A
  • master volume
  • bass/medium/treble
  • volume
  • control channel B
  • volume
  • tone cut
  • backpanel
  • impedance selector 4/8/16 ohm
  • preamp: 12dw7x1 jj tesla
  • 12ax7x1
  • ef86x1
  • amp : el84 pushpull jjtesal
  • rectifier gz34 eh
  • black tolex covering
  • black leather handle
  • outside head shell dimensions
  • 396 x 230 x 215 mm pinewood
  • laser engraved back and front panel
  • european power transformer and output trasnformer
  • handmade and handwired


Roadrunner Amps The Automatic 18 Speaker cab (option)

  • 18 mm pinewood
  • two tones black and white tolex with antique goldpiping
  • Celestion alnico bulldog 12″ 8 Ohm



En vertu du paragraphe 19 de la loi sur les petites entreprises, nous ne prélevons pas et n’affichons pas la TVA.


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