Roadrunner Amps Studio 7 Head Only


Roadrunner Amps Studio 7 Head Only

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Roadrunner Amps Studio 7 Head Only

7 watts amp head with tremolo and reverb.

More than a practice amp , the studio 7 is designed for a studio and obviously a gig use.

In the tradition of the american sounds , a little weight head(easy to carry) which can be adapted to a 4,8 or 16 ohms speaker(s),

But don’t worry we can provide the cab…


Roadrunner Amps Studio 7 Control:

  • volume treble bass intedsity speed reverb
  • impedance selector 4/8/16 ohm
  • preamp /driver 2x12ax7
  • accutronic reverb,tremolo 12ax7
  • power tube 6v6
  • rectifier 5y3gt or gz 34
  • original turret boad
  • hammond output an power transformers


All Tubes jj tesla

Compact power switch off/standby/on

Laser engraved front and backplate

Amber jewel indicator

Outside head shell dimensions 396 x 230 x 215 mm pinewood

Vox fawn tolex brown leather handle


Handmade and handwired in france


En vertu du paragraphe 19 de la loi sur les petites entreprises, nous ne prélevons pas et n’affichons pas la TVA.


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